Must see juggling videos


The internet has a lot of juggling videos, which inadvertently leads to analysis paralysis (read about that here). So here’s a small selection of the gems I enjoy in the ever going quest for new videos!

David Eriksson – 3 ball roll

Luke Burrage – 3 ball siteswap

Anthony Gatto – Discovery Channel’s Timewarp

C2b – Dobbelaere project

Marco Paoletti – Juggler





Some 2 weeks ago or so I decided it was time to have some decent pictures taken. All the messing around with mobile phones is fun for twitter, but on my own blog I wanted something fancy. Luckily a friend of mine is photographer and he was willing to come over and see what we could arrange.

The results came in yesterday. I’m still flabbergasted.

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Rein, you’re the best. Should anyone be in Holland and in need of a photographer, drop me a line and I’ll hook you up with him.


The #drop20 tag explained


You’ve probably seen this hashtag being used by, amongst others, me. So what is #drop20?

It’s a fun way of getting decent training in your busy schedule, together with other people around the world. No need for a gym, sporty outfit, monthly subscription or an hour of your time after your day of work. Read this for more details.

There’s a few small things to be done to join in on the fun:

– go here;
– click ‘Follow’;
– start exercising!

That’s easy isn’t it? :)


Everything becomes interesting with a little magic


A while back there was a performance + workshop by duo Jonggeleerd in my town. They were hired by the communal sports department to get the youth exercising more. A noble thought and a good opportunity for me to get introduced with new jugglers.

Here’s their promo video (turn off your volume if you dislike DJ Tiësto and his endeavors to rape as many eardrums as possible):

Their performance was quite spectacular, IF you know your juggling. 10 ball pass to, 6 ball half showers, some pretty nice diabolo tricks…you get the picture. One problem though: just throwing up a lot of props is fun to watch, but doesn’t motivate nor inspire children to pick up 3 balls and start having a go at it. And the children were the target in this picture, weren’t they? So what went wrong?

They missed magic.

The magic of tricks is something I learned from the neighborhood children (a.k.a. my trustworthy and ever cheery audience). When I’m outside practicing 5 or 6 ball they are far less interested than when I’m going nuts with 3 ball tricks. Why?

Because it’s approachable – ‘it’s just 3 balls, I can do that!’ The 3 ball cascade draws fairly low attention, but stuff like the factory, fake columns and mills mess really get them going. Many times I’ve heard them shout: it’s like you have 3 hands! Parents are being called out to ‘come look at the magician with 3 hands’ and so on. It’s really beautiful to see how captivated children can get by something that is such daily business for me.

So what if duo Jonggeleerd had added a little magic? Surely the kids would’ve rushed to participate in the workshop after the show and many of them would’ve taken the balls home instead of playing baseball with them afterwards.

Luckily for them I’m going to be taking care of juggling lessons soon and they’ll get a lot more illusion out of it! :)


Props: balls or clubs?


I’m going to come straight out: balls were the first prop I juggled and the main prop I juggle now. Why? Because balls (when mono colored) do not show the axis they turn around, lend themselves perfectly for ‘sticking’ to your body (contact juggling) and require no special throwing technique, contrary to clubs.

Clubs on the other hand do not possess these attributes: you can see the axle on which they spin, showing the observer the ‘magic’ behind the throws and, in my opinion, are large and cumbersome, thus entertaining the observer less.

But then Ben Hopper (@benhopper) came along on Twitter with a video that blew my objections to clubs out of the water. This video captures the exact magic that draws me to ball juggling, except the props used are clubs. See for yourself:

OK, so Ben and his crew managed to change my mind on the magic of clubs. That’s quite the achievement on its own. But will I start juggling clubs now?

Nah, my heart still lies with balls. The elegance, the diversity and the sheer fun of them will never be surpassed by club juggling. For me that is.